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Sadly, it is not easy to trust Andrew's motivations on this, for me.

In fact, Andrew's singled-minded focus on the HRC is evidence that he may well have ulterior motives.

I found the HRC's financials on their website, which is rare and implies a greater commitment to transparency many other organizations.

What's more, I also found plenty of information on their organizational history and their program activities. In fact, I was able to find their significant financial support for MassEquality, an organization that played a key role in Massachusetts history of civil rights.

Their 990 lists over 1,000 volunteers to coordinate across four programs. How much time are they supposed to spend answering the questions of one guy? Does Andrew now speak for a "gay constiuency" because of his blog? LOL@that.

I don't care about Mr. Sullivan's motives. If you want my money then you have to tell me what you are doing with it. That is hardly asking too much. Whatever might be on the mind of this or that activist, in the long run accountability will make us stronger, not weaker.

Objectively, anyone who is asking for transparency is doing us a favor even if it makes our leaders temporarily uncomfortable. Therefore Mr. Sullivan deserves our gratitude. Speculation about somebody's motives is not only idle, it is irrelevant and undermines an effort to improve the quality and efficiency of our institutions.


Folks might want to check out underalms experienced commentary on this issue over at Where Most Needed .

Fundraising for Nonprofits

yockel, it's one thing to ask for transparency, another to offer constructive criticism, and still another to suggest in writing who is "really" fighting for gay rights.

On the first, have your or Andrew actually tried to get facts from HRC? They publish their 990 on their website. They publish an annual report on their website. They provide the names and e-mail address of a great number of staff. As with all non-profits people, many are eager and willing to talk about what they are doing, but don't like being called names any more than anyone else.

On the second, do you have a sense for what they are supposed to do, if not what they are doing currently? I do not. Just saying that someone should "answer questions" suggests that you have a framework of your own - I'd like to see what that is, sooner rather than later, especially when the criticism is so harsh.

And last, have you looked at any of the other groups that take money for rights advocacy? The focus on a single organization (or their new building) is unbalanced, unfortunately.

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