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To whomever this may concern,
Iam a blackman who needs help from anyone so i can get myself back on track with my family.I lost everything i had to do my work with because of thives.My truck /my tools etc.I cannot get no one to help me, so i decided to write this to anyone who might lend me around $20,000. After my business gets back on track i will personally refund this amount back. I know this is a long shot,(but what the heck) i'll try anyway. My address is 79 Astor pl. Jersey City New, Jersey (201)985-8599 And my name is Michael Roberts. Can anyone who is a millionare or who has any heart PLEASE help me and my family? GOD will richly BLESS you in your doing so. Thank You for your COoperation

I need help , Can anyone with money lend me $20,000 because crooks stole my truck and my tools. I live @ 79 Astor place Jersey CVity New Jersey 07304 (201)985-8599 Please if a millionare who cares about a black man who is out to do good with his family,and to others please respond.

Thank You And GOD bless you all

I need assistance in paying off my mortgage which is currently $271,000. I refinanced after losing my job of over 11 years, and am currently employed part-time. I'm not sure for how long I can continue to do this (pay the mortgage on my wages). It has not destroyed me, but it is rather difficult, financially. Everyone says to go back to school, but as a single parent, who has the time and energy to focus on school? I take certification courses if I need to learn something for my job. I'm really trying, keeping my mindset as positive as I can, and being a good parent to my child. It's just scary, you know. I just want this mortgage paid. I'm willing to volunteer my services to any program, whatever it takes. I'm a 9/11 survivor, I'm a mother, doing the best I can to get through each given day. Can you help me? I set my goals on home ownership by my 30th birthday, when I was 25. I accomplished it 2 months shy of my 30th birthday, now I want to set my goal to be debt free. I was doing decently, until I lost my job. Please let me know, whether your decision is Yes or No. Either way, I appreciate it even if all you do is read this letter. Thank you.


R. A. M.

I am a recently divorced mother of 3 children. I have had the worst run of terrible luck and am looking for anyone to help me out. After my divorce we sold the house we owned together and lost on it but I managed to buy a house for my children and myself. Well 3 months ago I lost my job due to downsizing and have gone over 2 months now trying to fight for unemployment. I have a new job but not making nearly as much and working much more. I have a new boy friend and when my ex husband found this out he started trying to ruin my life. His family has money and he used this money to find all he could and hired a high priced lawyer to take my 3 children away from me. I have no money to get a lawyer to try to win them back and in the process I am losing my house which only helps him keep my children away. I raised the children pretty much on my own as my ex husband never had anything to do with them but now suddenly takes them away. To top this all off my current boyfriend was working to help me but because of an auto accident he had 6 years ago he is facing some severe health complications and is unable to work right now. He was not expected to live after his accident and was an experiment the way they put him back together and used mesh to close his abdomin up. It is a miracle he is alive and he is the best person I ever met always looking at the bright side even though he is constantly in pain. Well we are struggling to get my bills paid and save my house so I can get my children back and at the same time facing some medical bills that his insurance will not cover. If there is anyone out there with a big heart that would help please contact me. I know this all sounds crazy but I can prove it all true and that I am not just trying to get some free money. I am just at the end of my rope and do not know what to do. I want to be able to tell my kids yes mom is going to get you back home but I am losing all hope and sliding further behind. Please help. I have faith in mankind. VickiS.

Got Lupus? Here's how BBQ sauce can HELP..We just need other's to believe in us, the way we do...
Here's my story... My sister Kim D. Young has been suffering with this autoimmune disorder since 1985. She has been told by doctor's that there isn't a cure and they actually know very little about this disease. Lupus can possibly run in our family. Kim & Keith have one daughter named Kimberlyn.

Since 1985, my sister has had Diabetes 3 times, High/Low Blood Pressure, Heart Failure, 2 Strokes and 2 kidney Transplant. In 1993 Kim gave birth to her ONLY daughter Kimberlyn. Kimberlyn was born premature, weighing 3 pounds 3 ounces...

In 1993, her doctor's advised her to terminate her pregnancy, she was told that her baby wouldn't make it and she was to continue with the pregnancy she would also die. Kim has always had respect for her doctor's and took their advice very seriously.
At this point of her life, she had GOD in her life and knew that if HE couldn't do it know one else could. So she put her and the life of her daughters' life in HIS hands. Kimberlyn was born on July 7,1993 her lungs were fully developed and the ONLY reason why Kimberlyn stay in the hospital for two additional weeks after she delivered was due to her weight. Kimberlyn is 15 years old, and she stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Kimberlyn has been tested for Lupus and the results have come back negative.

Well, in 1995 Kim had Pneumonia and she was on a breathing machine and Dialysis at the same time. Once again the news wasn't very good, her doctor told her husband to call our mother who was staying with Kimberlyn & Keith, to HELP while Kim was in the hosipatl. I remember the doctor had Keith call us and told us to come to the hospital if we wanted to see her alive for the last time. They wanted us to come right away because she didn't have much time left. Our family and friends began to PRAY and PRAY and PRAY... The minutes felt like hours, the hours felt like days, the weeks felt like months, but through the grace of GOD, another miracle was preformed. She survived and came home from the hospital 3 months later...

Our dad has created the best tasting BBQ sauce ever! And we're outside every weekend grilling from a tent. Barbecuing chicken & ribs and links for our customer's. We've been out there volunteering every weekend for almost a year. Kim's dream is for our dad's sauce to sold in every store's, from the West Coast to the East Coast. We just want someone to financially back us or a Grocery store to market our sauce with the proceeds from the sell of his B.B.Q. sauce Kim would like to spear head an organization to HELP others' who have or had loved ones like her that suffer from Lupus. Kim's strong and she comes out to help at the tent when she can,but she's motivated and she won't quit until her "dreams" comes true...

A sister that cares,

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