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I'm just a hard working mom of two who is starting over, again. I only make minimum wage, and actually just recently was able to find employment. I have two children, one is disbabled. They are 14 and almost 10. We currently do not have a place of our own, but are staying with some friends. Times are tough I know for all. Just wondering if there is anyone who could give, or loan out enough money for us to get a home and furnishings. I gave everything we had to the Salvation Army when I had to leave the place we were in because I could not afford to move it. We are starting from scratch. If you think you could help, I promise I will do exactly what I say with the a home and furnishings. I can make a repayment plan with you too if that is what you would like. Consider me and my girls if you will. Thank you and God bless you.

i cannot get a job... about to be homeless....i'm almost 60...don't think i can make it....all i have left is my cat...i could be your mom or sister or aunt ..please think of that and help me.....

I am senior citizen who desperately needs financial help before I lose my home of twenty eight years.

You just never know how your like can change. In 1993 my husband was in a terrible truck accident. He was on the very top of his load when the fork lift driver was pushing his palets and on palet hit my husband and he was push to the pavement below. He crushed his back and one foot he also broke his arm. The doctors did the best they could. He has steel screws and metal pins holding every thing together. The doctors had to take bones from other parts of his body to replace the bones that were crushed. He will never be the same.

I myself am very ill since 1986 I have a disease called Fibromyalgia this disease attacks all my muscles,tendons and nerves though out my whole body. I am in pain 24/7 all day and night and I am unable to work at all and I cannot get any benifits from the government. two years ago I have to cancel my health insurance. So if I were to have a flair up in my vital organs I am not able to go to the hospital or see any doctors.

We own a 1993 van that needs so many repairs that we are unable to do at this time. My daughter has paid for many of the big repairs. Now she has a family of her own to worry about. She has done enough.

We have worked hard all our lives and tried saving as much money as we could. We purchased two IRA's that at this time are almost worthless. In order to pay our bills I have to take funds from our savings account which is almost depleted. I have no where and no one to turn to. I cannot believe at age 63 that I will become homeless. I need a God send. Everything I have stated is all the truth, I swear to God.

I am in desperate financial need. I need a kind hearted person that can picture themselves in this same situation. I am trying to hang on. My health problems has even worsten because I worry all day and night. How am I going to survive without the help of a kind soul that has much more then myself. I need a God send. Grace

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