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I am a 53 year old woman. I have diabetes, bi-polar disorder and osteoarthritis. I am unable to work and have been trying to get disability to over 2 years. I am in an unhappy marriage of 10 years and want a divorce. I need glasses and dentures. Our home is a 1987 singlewide mobile home that is in need of repairs. I have no vehicle. I need money from any legal source so I can go my seperate way from my husband.

I have worked all my life, have nothing to show for it because of bad choices and have no one to blame but myself.

Just need a helping hand from someone with a big heart.

Thanks in advance for any help or any advice.

I have just recently got separted from my marriage of 7 yrs. I have a 4 yrs son, moved out and I am playing for my house, which she and my son live in and as well as my rent on an apartment. The bills are adding up and I am requesting some financial help to pay off my personal debt. The debt was attributed from the adoption of my son and I cannot get ahead. I am hoping thee is a person who can please read my request and see in there heart to help my son and I. Thank you

To whom ever this may concern;
Not sure if this is a waste of time as I do not even now who views it.
Currently in these ruff economical times, it surely is a struggle for many, I am, along with my daughter, trying or I should say wanting to start a small construction business. Going through all of the steps to do this, we have found no way possible to start a business, although small without funds. When inquiring with the SBA no one ever said don't try this until you have money to pay all the necessary insurance etc. Wow is all I have to say. It seemed like a great idea, with hopes of one day being able to employ some of the laid off worker in this country but how when you cannot even afford to start a business.
What I am asking is, are funds/grants available through such charitable means or through Philanthropists. I am asking for help, rather it is financial or wisdom, as I see it, if those with great financial wealth could share some knowledge or money to a lady who would like to someday turn and help someone else.
Much appreciated

Great resource for people during times of financial hardship - People-helping-people website >>

To whom it may concern:" I hope thre is someone with a deeply compassionate and caring heart out there that will help someone very dear to me. He's been living with very serious health issues mainly his failing eye-sight for over 40yeears with severe pain thats almost unbearable,and he's not able to work for quite some time. He has excellent,remarkably skilled talent in building homes,"incredible." He's gone through several surgeries but no one was able to help him. He needs help to save at least one eye. He found a doctor that will do the surgery, but financially he is drained and his resources are exausted from various circumstances, mainly medical. His wife is a sole supporter in the family but her health is failing due to an untreatable disease. She lives with a very painful,crippling and debilating health issue and don't know how long she will be able to work. The children are all unemployed, the bills are pilling up. They can't seem to get the help they desperately need. They are really destitude and can bearly afford to eat. I hope there's someone out there with an honest,caring,generous and loving heart that will help him. He has the responsibilities of helping the family and can bearly see. The stress is not helping his condition, It's really a hardship situation. We will be extremely grateful for your generosity. I appreciate your time in reading my letter and feel you will reply on his behalf. Thank You, A loving and caring Sister.

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