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To whom It May concern: This is a true life story. My brother has been suffering for over 40 years with unbareable excruciating pain, he had several surgery's done and no one could help him. They have a need type of surgery that can save his eyesight. He located a doctor that will do the surgery, with success. However, he haas exhausted all resources with Medical insurance and financially he is drained from various circumstances. He hasn't been able to work for quite sometime now. He has excellent,remarkably skilled talent in building homes,"Incredible." His wife is a sole supporter in the family. Her health is failing due to very painful, crippling and debilating health issues. She really don't know how long she will be able to work. The children are unemployed, the bills are piling up. They can't seem to get the help they desperately need. They barely can afford to eat, a destitude situation. He has the responsibilities of helping the family in the condition he's been in. All the stress is not helping him, it's really a hardship and critical situation. I hope there's someone out there with a caring, generous and loving heart that will help him. We will be extremly grateful for your generosity. I do appreciate you taking the tim to read my letter and feel You will reply on his behalf. Thank You, A loving and Caring Sister

My house has extensive mold & mildew damage due to leaky roof. Have contacted every local and state organization for help, to no avail. Cannot afford to make repairs to roof and cannot expose my family to such dangerous conditions. Have 2 young kids and my husband suffers from Sarcoidosis. H/O insurance will only cover cost of paint and will only pay max $260. Forced to stay with relatives. Looking for contractor or any organization to help.

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