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May 10, 2010

News Briefing: At Front Lines, AIDS War Is Falling Apart

  • In  Uganda, where fewer than 10,000 were on AIDS drugs a decade ago, nearly 200,000 now are, largely a result of American generosity.  [New York Times]

  • A philanthropy class at the University of Maryland teaches students how to give money away wisely. [Washington Post]

  • Cerberus Capital Management, the private-equity firm proposing to purchase Boston's six Catholic hospitals, intends to maintain the hospitals' religious identity, but has also negotiated an escape clause that would allow the firm to end the religious affiliation in exchange for a $25 million donation to charity.  [Boston Globe]

  • Emily Fisher Landau, a New York philanthropist, pledges 367 works of art to the Whitney Museum of American Art.  [New York Times]

April 12, 2010

News Briefing: As St. Vincent’s Closes, Other Hospitals Get Busier

  • The strangely deserted emergency room of St. Vincent's Hospital Manhattan, in operation since 1849, is a demoralizing reminder that the hospital is closing.  [New York Times]
  • Philanthropists are focusing more on donations that can make a lasting difference, rather than just on immediate disaster relief.  [Wall Street Journal]

December 16, 2009

News Briefing: Patients Meet Donors From Largest-Ever Kidney Swap

  • The NFL's charitable foundation awards a $1.8 million grant to study how to better prevent childhood obesity.  [Associated Press]
  • Since 2005, the Smithsonian Institution has lost $12.3 million in personal property, including 89 laptop computers.  [Washington Post]
  • Thirteen patients with healthy new kidneys from what's believed to be the world's largest kidney exchange meet the donors who made it happen.  [Associated Press]
  • The U.S. commits $2.7 billion on Wednesday to help fight HIV infection in Kenya.  [Reuters]

December 01, 2009

News Briefing: Harvard Ignored Warnings About Investments

  • South Africa will treat all HIV-positive babies and expand testing.  [Associated Press]
  • Through the first half of this decade, advisers told Lawrence Summers that Harvard was being too aggressive with billions of dollars in cash.  [Boston Globe]

July 20, 2009

News Briefing: South Africa Is Seen to Lag in H.I.V. Fight

  • The South African government has been notably silent on the benefit of circumcision in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS.  [Associated Press]
  • Food stamps become easier to use at farmers' markets.  [New York Times]

June 09, 2009

News Briefing: Insider Appointed Chairwoman of Lincoln Center

  • Katherine Farley, a senior managing director at Tishman Speyer and head of Lincoln Center's redevelopment project, has been appointed the chairwoman of Lincoln Center.  [New York Times]
  • The Napa Valley wine auction scales down, raising about $5.7 million.  [Associated Press]
  • Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai is expected to request funding from Washington this week.  [Washington Post]
  • San Francisco's tax assesor accuses the Archdiocese of San Francisco of dodging taxes.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

March 31, 2009

News Briefing: Foundation Giving in ’08 Defied Huge Asset Decline

  • Although the country's foundations lost nearly $150 billion in assets last year, foundation giving held steady.  [New York Times]
  • Brooke Astor's son begins trial for charges that he defrauded his mother out of millions of dollars.  [New York Times]
  • President Obama urges Sudan to allow aid groups back into the country.  [New York Times]

March 23, 2009

News Briefing: Aid Groups’ Expulsion, Fears of More Misery

  • Like all arts institutions, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra was hit hard by the economic crisis.  [New York Times]
  • Foundations in Detroit shift their giving priorities to tend to local charities.  [New York Times]
  • The expulsion of aid groups that provided clean water, medical treatment, food and shelter for millions in Darfur has put the lives of millions of displaced people at risk.  [New York Times]
  • The Taproot Foundation, which places business executives in charities to work as pro bono consultants, saw a 171 percent increase in volunteer interest in January.  [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Nonprofit and public interest groups are scrambling to adapt to President Obama's stringent new ethics guidelines.  [Washington Post]

March 16, 2009

News Briefing: From Ranks of Jobless, a Flood of Volunteers

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art announces layoffs and warns that more may follow.  [New York Times]
  • Sudan's president wants all international aid groups to leave his country within a year.  [Associated Press]
  • The newly unemployed flood nonprofit organizations, looking for volunteer opportunities.  [New York Times]

January 16, 2009

News Briefing: Cuomo Said to Subpoena Merkin, 15 Nonprofit Groups

  • New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo subpoenas J. Ezra Merkin and 15 nonprofit entities in his Madoff investigation.  [Bloomberg]
  • A new study finds that college students are covering a bigger share of the costs of a college education.  [New York Times]
  • Kenya's president asks international donors for $406 million toward emergency food aid.  [Associated Press]
  • A North Dakota state legislator says that local governmenets should be able to levy property taxes on nonprofits to defray the cost of providing them with fire and police protection.  [Associated Press]
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