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September 29, 2006

Bronx Charity to Repay the City $625,000 Given to Radio Network as a Loan

New York Times:  A Bronx charity will pay the city back $625,000 that had been intended for children and the elderly but was improperly lent to Air America Radio, a network known for its liberal programming and hosts like Al Franken.

August 29, 2006

Nonprofit Identity Crisis

Nonprofit Eye: It seems like yesterday, but I’ve been working in the sector for twenty years. Last month I attended a conference on nonprofit policy. It was a conference, like a dozen others I’ve attended over the years. At the breakfast talk I was half asleep and annoyed to be awake so early. But the keynote was so electrifying that I woke right up ... We started talking about how ironic it is that Nonprofits have come under attack for being too much “like a business."

Nonprofits: How Much is too Much?

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:  The record $523 million profit reported this fiscal year at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has raised questions of how a nonprofit organization can be such a money machine.

August 22, 2006

New Legislation Makes it Easier to Donate Money to Charity from IRAs

USA Today:  Leaving money to charity when you die is a noble and selfless act. But giving money away while you're still alive is a lot more satisfying.  A provision in the pension reform legislation President Bush signed last week will make it easier for older people to donate money in their individual retirement accounts to charity.
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