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Jenn - thanks for the 'rebuttal' - you made a great point to emphasize that nonprofits stand to gain quite a bit from blogging. In fact, I still believe that some blog is better than 'no' blog at all, even for corporations. Since blog articles invariably focus on niches of a nonprofit's mission, they serve as authoritative sources for web surfers seeking information on very specific topics. The SEO benefits alone are enough reason to maintain even the simplest blog. Proper attention to SEO principles (e.g. well-selected Meta Tags, Backlinks, Content Relevancy, etc.) can only help with community-building (you mentioned Comments). On a side note...nonprofits can use their under-utilized 'Google Grants' funds to purchase free Ads for their blog.

Thanks for the comments. Agreed that the SEO benefits can really help outweigh any of the negatives for doing a blog. And for nonprofits that don't have Google Grants, it could help give them that little extra SEO kick that grows community, awareness, AND donations.

Jenn - thanks so much for your rebuttal of my headline. We don't really disagree.

Thought you might like to read the followup post i wrote on What's Next Blog and cross posted at AdAge DigitalNext blog. The post is Nine Reasons Your Company Should Blog and I posted it on Sept 29, before you wrote this rebuttal.

I've also been interviewed for an article about not-for-profits and social media marketing "Social Media Marketing for Non-Profits
Ride the Wave or Drown?" which ran in the newsletter of the not-for-profit organization, Planned Legacy.

Thanks the comments. I did your see your follow up post, unfortunately, it was a couple of hours after posting my own 10 Reasons. I hope nonprofits take in all of these angles and can better to decide to blog or not to blog...

Your article on Social Media is excellent. So many orgs consider just one option like a blog or Facebook or MySpace and don't realize the universe that is available to them. Hopefully an overview like yours will be a useful guide.

I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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