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January 30, 2008

Video: Innovate or Die

Brought to us by Google and Specialized Bicycle Components, the Innovate or Die Pedal-Powered Machine Contest was a contest designed to inspire innovation and environmental change by highlighting the benefits of cycling.

The Challenge: Invent and put together machines that transform zero-emission human energy into new and useful purposes.

The Result: Success- hundred folds. Entries from all around presented their own ideas, the winner however, took a Playpumps-esque idea and made it mobile. The Aquaduct:  Mobile Filtration Vehicle, a bicycle that not only provides an environmentally friendly transportation, but also provides a means to create and move clean filtered water long-distances. It was designed to target problems in areas where clean water is not readily available, and as a result, leads to millions of deaths every year.

I present to you the winner the Innovate or Die contest, The Aquaduct:  Mobile Filtration Vehicle...

Be sure to also check out the other entries on their YouTube page here.


January 25, 2008

Video/Podcast: Forces for Good at Google

On YouTube, Google reaches out to viewers by broadcasting videos of influential individuals coming by to discuss topics of their respective fields.

Within the channel, located at, you will find videos with presidential candidates who have visited Google, powerful and influential women, well-known filmmakers, and esteemed authors.

Recently, Heather McLeod Grant, the co-author of Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits, (voted a top 10 book for 2007 by The Economist), dropped by to discuss what makes a non-profit great. (Also see onPhilanthropy's recent article by Julie Fagnani on Google, "Google: Better at Doing Good?")

To find out more about Heather's book, or hear more about her views on measuring non-profit impact, check out Sean Stannard-Stockton's (onPhilanthropy guest writer) podcast at his website Tactical Philanthropy. There, he interviews Heather McLeod Grant and Leslie Crutchfield about their book, but also on several topics including the potential Web 2.0 brings non-profits.

Click here to listen. (A transcript of the interview is available here.)

January 18, 2008

Video: An African Music Movement

Ever wondered what's the most viewed video on YouTube's non-profit channel? Well I did today, and was surprised to see that the video was not from a well-known non-profit organization, nor some high tech video put together for an avant-garde/edgy low-end non-profit. It was, in fact, a low budget music video posted by Seka Moke Foundation, a non-profit who's mission is to bring the upbeat musical rhythms of wenge musica, a form of African music, to North America.

Their videos, as the website describes, is intended to allow visitors to experience the culture and the elements that keep Africans going, despite their numerous adversities.

View the #1 most viewed video on YouTube's Non-Profit channel below.

Be sure to also view their channel for other videos, as well as their website,

January 16, 2008

Podcast: Reporting Changes to the IRS

When I think of the new year, two things always come to mind, first is a desire for change, and second, a reminder to balance my check book for tax filing. This doesn't just apply to one's personal life, but also  to one's foundation. A change in mission, a change in revenue acquisition, or even a change in address requires reporting to the IRS.

Tim Mooney, in his latest podcast goes over steps and points to keep in mind when reporting to the IRS.

Listen it to here.

Be sure to visit the site to download related resources, as well as other non-profit podcasts.

January 07, 2008

Video: DoGooderTV - 2nd Annual Non-Profit Video Awards

Following the successful turn out from last year's contest, DoGooderTV is once again holding their Nonprofit Video Contest (presented by NTEN and See3 Communications).

The premise of the contest is to highlight nonprofit organizations using technology to inspire and promote their cause. New technologies have created several compelling mediums to reach people, DoGooderTV is out to make sure we all see it.

Below is last year's winner from the organization Avazz, titled "Stop the Clash of Civilizations".

Submit your video here.

View this year's entries here.

January 03, 2008

Video: The Pendulum Project

YouTube continues to empower non-profit voices. Images from Malawi, music and facts on the conditions in Africa help make this video extremely compelling.

Created by Josh Moore and Gisela Ayden at Digital Seamstress.

About The Pendulum Project

The Pendulum Project empowers grassroots organizations that support children in AIDS affected regions of sub-Saharan Africa by linking them with individuals and communities committed to providing essential resources, advocacy and hope. The Pendulum Project believes in creating a culture where all are given a voice to pursue dignity, justice and equality in the fight against AIDS and poverty.

For more information about The Pendulum Project, visit

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