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helle my name is renee goodin,44,female,i found last year,oct,2008,i had stomach cancer,nov2008,i had a gastric bypass surgery,they remove my large intestine,13 lymode nodes,tumer,stage 3,dec2008 i started my chemo which i had to wear,april2008,started raditation it was the hardest, i lost 60pounds,i just finish my treatments in may2009,i am a patient at st.dominics,jackson,ms,my doctors are pat scanion,nicole cleveland,eric beflour,i also had theriod surgery june2008,i had a nervous breakdown due to my overactive theriod,sept2008,i lost my job of 5 yrs,due to all my illness,i build wire harness for engineering company,the best job i ever had,i lost so much its hard to get over it,i draw disablity now ,my husband is the onlyone working,i also have diabetes,psoriosis on the palm of my hands,and the bottom of my hands,my doctor told me to take a vacation but i told her we cant afford one,we need financial help,i would love to take a vacation cruise would be nice,never done that before,my dream has always to have my own business,since i have all these medcial problems,i could work my own hours,like a family business,i work all my life until now,dont have much of a life now ,trying to get well the best way i know,i am having to pay for medcail insurance cobra this year,dont know about next year,i any support from you,anything i would appreciate my bottom of my heart,we need help with medical bills,loans ,house note,cobra ins,buying food ,clothes,cost of living expenses,will you help me please,love renee goodin

also i would love to help other people with stomach cancer,local foundation here in mississppi we dont have one here,for young people i wish i could people like you do,thank god we have you,love renee goodin

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